How To Fix Those Achy, Breaky Joints Without Seeing A Doctor

Most of us hate running to the doctor for our ailments. The mountains of pills and the odd injection make hospital visits not so fun. Besides, the pain relief medication has a tendency to build up and become toxic in our bodies after a while, so wouldn’t you prefer healthy, organic ways of getting some relief from those achy joints? Alternate ways of healing are on the rise and patients wise up to the detrimental effects of consuming drugs manufactured by big pharmaceutical companies whose priority is to make a profit, not cure illnesses. So here are a few ways to avoid pain while avoiding the hospital too:
Pressure Your Pressure Points
Acupuncture may sound scary, but it is a medical science that has been practiced for centuries in China. Acupuncture practitioners determine your ailment through extensive check- ups and your symptoms, then apply pressure onto the relevant pressure points of your body using tiny, delicate needles. This causes glands to release certain enzymes and hormones that help you heal. Acupuncture and acupressure has cured hundreds of diseases throughout time and is very popular today as an alternate treatment regarding muscle and joint pain. Just make sure that the practitioner is properly qualified as quacks can easily take advantage of your lack of knowledge on human pressure points to make a quick buck.
A Step Up from a Masseuse
Some people mix up a masseuse and finest chiropractor in Dulwich Hill but the two professions are very different.
Both may leave you feeling loose and limber, but the masseuse only works to relax the muscles and tendons through massage, while the chiropractor will diagnose, treat and seek to cure and prevent diseases that affect the neuromuscular skeletal system. Unlike massaging, chiropractic requires medical training at a recognized institute for a minimum of four years. A chiropractic session will get rid of all the kinks and bumps plaguing your system and reduce any pain you have been feeling that offering high quality manual treatments.
Seeing a Therapist – for the Physique
Physiotherapists are usually more than happy to cure patients without pills and syrups as in many instances, it can be done. They will use water therapy (which takes place in a pool), heat therapy (involves heating the affected areas with electrical pads) and aerobic, rehabilitative exercises to help your muscles and joints start working again. In many cases, doctors suggest or order physiotherapy sessions anyway after diagnosing an ailment and prescribing medication. This is because there is only so much that can be accomplished through medicine. The human body has to participate actively in the process of healing.