How To Treat A Sudden Cramp

Cramping is one of the most common things experienced by those playing sports and also by regular people. It could also be a very painful injury to go through. However, a very effective treatment it can be done my following a few easy steps.

It is always better to know these ways of treating cramps so that you can help yourself or anyone else in case of such a situation.

Apply pressure and stretch

If it is a simple cramp that is caused due to a lot of physical activity or prolonged numbness, the first step is to apply pressure on the cramped area. This should be done as a tight massage. However, be cautious not to harden the cramped area too much as it could lead to more injury.

However, the way you stretch would depend on the location of the cramp. Calf cramps should be stretched in a certain way while thigh cramps should be stretched in a completely different way.

Apply heat or cold

Heat and cold can be used to reduce the pain in the cramped area. You could dampen a clot with hot water and use it to carefully massage the cramped area. The heat should help your muscles relax which will in turn relieve the pain.

If you choose to use a cold medium to treat the cramp, you could get your hands on an ice packet or a packet of frozen peas. You could also use hot or cold water to treat the cramp. Direct the water pressure towards the cramped area.

Drink something

The first thing to do when you feel the pain of a cramp is to find something to drink. It is much better to drink something salty. Lime juice or a glucose solution should do the drink. This will not just help treat the cramp but also help relax the whole body.

Don’t move too much

You will have very limited muscle control in the area where the cramping is taking place. Therefore, refrain from moving too much because you may inflict some injury on yourself.

Give it some time while massaging and/or apply cold or heat.

Seek medical attention

If you feel like your cramp feels unusual or if cramps come too regularly, it might be best to consult a doctor. This could be due to some underlying medical issue, in which case the issue should be attended to and not just the cramp pain.

In general, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating a balanced diet with enough water will help prevent cramps. Click this site for more information about skin care clinic.