Modern Medicine Vs. Alternative Medicine

For centuries humans have found different cures for different illnesses through trial and error, some of which have proved to be very successful and have cured many known illnesses. At the same however, some of these methods were not successful in helping humans to get over certain illnesses and this led to the discovery of what is today known as modern medicine. Antibiotics improved the medical system greatly helping people get cured from illnesses that were once thought to be fatal, know more about chiropractor in South Lake at The medical system grew leaps and bounds with the discovery of modern medicine and the mortality rate of humans decreased significantly however humans then started to take these antibiotics too freely and began to over use it to the point that today, decades later our bodies are becoming immune to the antibiotics. We have started taking antibiotics and pain killers for a simple head ache and therefore when we take the same antibiotics for a more serious illness, our bodies do not react anymore.

The rise of alternative medicine in a modern world

As a result of the overuse of antibiotics and the toll that these very strong medications are taking on our bodies, many young people have begun to turn back to alternative medications for less serious illnesses. Acupuncture in Fremantle and Ayurveda medicine is slowly becoming more popular again among young people as this alternative medication has been known to strengthen our immune systems unlike antibiotics which although successful in curing many illnesses have been known to severely weaken the immune system.

The overuse of antibiotics is so much today that we pump antibiotics in to even the animals that meat eaters eat making our immune systems even weaker and causing our bodies to become immune to the effects of these antibiotics. The good news however is that many young people today are moving towards a clean plant based diet that eliminates that factor as well. Acupuncture is slowly becoming a chosen method of treatment for many common diseases and for pain relief.

In addition to the change in medication and treatment, young people are starting to study the effects of healing through food. There is a very active group of youngsters who starting to consume healthy clean food that is known for its healing properties and this is resulting in a small group of younger people that are healthier and fitter than the older generation and those around them because they are opting for clean, organic plant based food and eliminating meat, dairy and other food known for their disease causing properties.