Think You Might Forget to Stay Hydrated?

Smartphones nowadays do not dominate just the realm of cellular phones – today they serve as your own digital assistant. The countless reminders of which meeting to attend, when to wake up, even sometimes what to do, and the fact that they have also replaced the importance of many other electronic appliances like radios, music players and the like is enough proof that they are simply not just phones.
Now, these smartphones are taking just another step forward – are you also one of those people who just can’t seem to remember that you have to at least drink 3-4 litres of water daily? If so, the smart technology that goes hand in hand with smartphones these days might just be able to help you.
A smart water purifier is not just a water purifier – it is a water purifier that will gladly purify your water for you and bug you throughout the day to make sure you fulfil the minimum water intake for the day. The way it works is simple: through smart technology, it connects to your smartphone and makes sure to remind you from time to time to drink water. While to some it might sound like an annoyance, this new invention might be a godsend to those forgetful souls who just can’t remember the last time they drank water throughout the day. Of course, the purifier can be programmed to the water intake requirements of your choice – so if you’re working out or exercising, remember to add in a few more litres (you can use a water intake calculator to figure out just how much water you need, if you really want an exact value; otherwise, adding a few litres to your usual average is good enough). You can visit the site using this link for more of best NSF certified filter.
Furthermore, the smart water purifier is of course not just limited to notifications about drinking water – it also performs an important services such as:
• Keeping track of the quality of the water filtered by the water purifier – checking the quality of water is outright impossible without special instruments, so this is quite helpful; it will also make sure your purifier is working properly and notify you in case it’s not.• Reminding you when the filters need replacement – filters need to be replaced according to the water usage, which again, is not something that is easy to estimate (who keeps track of water usage manually anyway?). That means you could either replace filters too early or too late, and depending on the case, it’s either a waste of cash or a waste of having a purifier. This purifier will remind you when you need to replace filters, so you can definitely rest assured.• Keeping track of the waste water levels – this is important again to make sure your purifier is functioning properly. It guarantees that the efficiency of the purifier (the output of purified water versus the amount that goes down the drain) has not gone down, and will remind you if it has.
Even if you remember when to drink water, the above points might be tempting you to buy one of these purifiers, right? They’re also not overly expensive, so why not go ahead and buy one then?