Want To Be Beautiful?

There are two types of people in this world; the people who are born beautifully and people who try to be beautiful. The latter ones think that there’s something wrong with them because sometimes, they are single and their friends are in relationships, they have pimples and scars everywhere.

First of all, if you want to be beautiful, you have to stop underestimating yourself. Trust me, everyone has his or her unique way of beauty. And if you want to be beautiful, be beautiful for your own satisfaction, not because you want to attract someone. Having a partner is not everything. It just another thing among thousands of things you have to do in your life. And if you give your priority for finding a partner, you will miss other important things such as hanging out with friends, doing your studies and following your dreams. Be beautiful so you have the self-satisfaction and the confidence.

Maintain your body health

If you are fat, don’t be shy about it. There’s no theory in this world saying that only slim girls are beautiful. No matter if you are fat or thin, you are still beautiful. This is about maintaining health, not about trying to be slim. So, be careful about your eating pattern. I know French fries and hamburgers are really delicious. But, if these types of food cause you bad health, why do you still care about taste? Instead of fast foods, try to eat something nutritious like fruits, cereals, and etc.

More than that, you have to do exercises. When you exercise, you will burn the excess calories which have stored in your body. Some people don’t like sweating. But, if you do exercises, you prevent serious diseases like heat attacks, diabetes, cholesterol and much more.

Oral hygiene

Your appearance is not everything. You need to maintain 100% sanitation especially when it comes to the teeth. You need to consult a professional dentist once every three months. There you can get simple services like teeth whitening.

Having yellowish teeth is common among lots of people. So if you really care about the cleanliness of your mouth, do teeth whitening to have a nice and bright of teeth.

Care your face

Don’t apply each and every cream to be fair and white. Most of the creams are consisted of bleaching and they can cause cancer and other some life-threatening diseases. So beware of the products you use. And if you are going to use any product, do a background research and ask from a pro whether the products you are going to use are good for the skin.