What Is The Right Thing?

People nowadays find several ways to earn money. Everything we do is a business for them. The time a child is born in the world is considered business. When parents approach the doctors to kill the child also known as abort the child they need to pay money. To buy a car we need money. Basically to do everything in this earth we need money.
Thus to gain this money people are doing so many illegal offensive things like cheating, stealing and other things. This is not setting a good example for the next generation. When people read a news on paper about dome being robbed, there is no empathy or sympathy. They are just happy that they were not the ones who were robbed. In name of getting civilised, we are just killing our own conscience. When a doctor gets a patient he asks them to get medicines at a single pharmacy that way he will get his commission money.

Moreover those medicines have so many side effects that you wish the pain was better. But, a chiropractor is a new type of doctor who would study the misalignment or misplacement or changes in a person’s spinal cord.
They make changes on the spinal cord and help the person to return to normalcy without any medicines. Though it can be looked upon as a type of money making mechanism, it is really not. They do not ask the patients to take any kind of medicines. There is just the service fee for the professional chiropractor.
It is not a new thing to see people trying to make money of another person’s misery. For example, there is this service which you will have to pay money when you are living and they take care of your funeral. Who even wants to spend their time or money on a sad thing like planning their own funeral when they can just use it to enjoy life they are living?
It is not a question but a perfect answer that we have lost the right things to do on the way to earn more money. Money is like the acting king of Saturn who is in hell. Money had changed People’s mind and have killed so many people. A small amount of money sent to some place to bombard some other place. It is obvious that people have made money the king of earth. But, sadly it looks like money is not a good king. Humanity is a good king. Love would be a good king for mankind. Since they would teach him and to be humans instead of some creature who is driven by money.